To Maintain Health is More Cost Effective Then to Pay for it in the Long Run!


• Health is NORMAL. NATURAL and ATTAINABLE. You can live well. Your body is designed for health.

• Illness is NOT caused by bad luck, bad genes or bad germs. Sickness is a result of suicidal choices and toxic, stressful lifestyles.

• To live well you must eat healthy, exercise, and think well. You cannot just focus on one.

• THE NERVOUS SYSTEM is the direct communication between your BRAIN and every organ, muscle, and tissue in your body.

• Chiropractors adjust your spine to affect and improve your NERVOUS SYSTEM.

My goal is to help educate and serve the population on chiropractic care. It is vital for life. I use this analogy often to help patients understand the importance of spinal health and maintenance. Imagine if you only brushed your teeth once a month, every six months, or once a year? They would turn yellow, rot and fall out. You take care of your teeth, but what about your spine? Do we forget about it because it is back there? Chiropractic care is for anyone and everyone who has a spine. With proper spinal maintenance it will make you heal better, function better, and feel better.

The goal is to align your spine and your body with your innate health and healing abilities.

My mission is to inform, empower, and inspire you to truly feel well and live well.

Each chiropractic visit will move you towards a healthier life, it will help you move better, and live healthier.

AFTER YOUR ADJUSTMENTS take notice of your body. Notice your posture while sitting and standing. Notice your breathing. Be AWARE of your movements. Your pain will decrease, but more important is the element of freedom your body will begin to feel. The NERVOUS SYSTEM is an integral part of your health and well-being and Chiropractic improves the integrity of that system. Take notice of your body. You many begin to notice that you breathe deeper, walk straighter, sit up stronger, feel more rested, choose healthier foods, and may be a little more calm than stressed. Adjustment after adjustment you will begin to feel better and better feel. Soon, you will be LIVING WELL.

Take small steps towards your health and do it for you because you only have one body, one home, and it needs to be maintained and kept up with. The better you take care of yourself, the longer and better life you will live.


• Taking OMEGA 3’s everyday

• Drink more WATER

• Take a daily multi VITAMIN (liquid or capsule)

• Daily range-of-motion- STRETCHES

• EXERCISE- if this is new to you, start off by walking. Then start to set goals for yourself- sign up for a competition or race to give yourself a reason to train.