Did you know that sitting is bad for you? I recently read and was happy to see that this topic has been made a little more aware “sitting is the new smoking”. SO this is how it goes, sitting to the spine is like sugar to the teeth. It rots our body. We as humans are meant to move. We have the same genes as our hunter-gatherer ancestors did 3 million years ago which are designed to hunt and move. Movement is an essential nutrient. Every time we move our joints we fire proprioceptors to our brain. Movement stimulates the mind. Movement stimulates health and LIFE.  In the book, Spark, Dr. John Ratey provides research that proves exercise is our best defense in mood disorders, ADHD, addiction, menopause, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, aging, stress, and hormonal changes. Fighting disease is not the only thing that exercise can do, it also sharpens your brain and thinking.

Chiropractic is like exercise for your spine. Chiropractic keeps your spine moving with your lifestyle.  A chiropractic adjustment is just as important as getting up and exercising or moving. Each adjustment restores motion to the joints, as well as, restore health to your life. By allowing innate intelligence to express itself. Removing bony misalignments in the spine allows you to have a clear functioning nervous system, allowing you to heal from inside out.  Keep your spine moving with you lifestyle. Keep your body moving with your life- for your life. We only have one life and it is easier to stay well then to get sick and get well.

This time of the year with the holidays approaching it is so easy to get off track. We are busy cooking, cleaning, shopping, baking, traveling, etc. I challenge you to stay committed. Don’t quit the gym because it is a busy time in your life. Don’t stop lifting weights, walking, or running. Make sure you stay moving. Stay active at least three to four days per week. Stay committed. Also, stay committed to getting your spine checked. Don’t put yourself or your health on the back burner. When we put our health as last priority it starts to catch up with us, and it is very hard to get out of a hole of sickness.

Get adjusted. Stretch. Drink Water. Do Yoga. Walk. Go to the Gym. Exercise. LIVE WELL!