Why Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic History

The chiropractic technique goes back to 2700 B.C. where spinal manipulations were found in history as a way of healing.  Chiropractic was not well understood until D.D. Palmer discovered the most specific chiropractic adjustment focusing on subluxations of the bones and the nervous system.

D.D. Palmer, The Father of Chiropractic, was a magnetic healer with a huge practice in Davenport, Iowa. One day D.D. was talking with Harvery Lillard, the man who owned the janitor service in his building. Harvey was deaf.   He mentioned to D.D. that years before, while lifting a heavy weight, he felt something “snap” at the base of his neck.   Shortly thereafter his hearing started to fade.  D.D. performed a specific chiropractic adjustment replacing the spine into proper alignment and the janitor’s hearing was restored.  This was the first time he had heard clearly in 17 years.  This is where modern chiropractic was born.

What an auspicious way for a profession to be born! What a chiropractor accomplishes with the adjustment of the spine is to remove the impediment to the brain’s control of the body.   We call that impediment, which impinges the nerves a “spinal subluxation”.

Chiropractic has evolved over the years but the distinct healing principles remain the same.  Find the nerve interference and adjust the spine into proper alignment to allow the body to properly heal and maintain health.

Chiropractic Can Help

I believe that there is a better way for everyone to be healthy and reach their full potential. Adults, children, pregnant women – whole families – benefit from specific, chiropractic adjustments. At Blanton Chiropractic & Wellness, I see a number of people with a variety of health conditions. The great news is that with thorough chiropractic assessment I get to the cause of your health issues restoring you and your family to a greater state of wellbeing. Here are just a few of the things seen on a regular basis in the office.




Attention Deficit Disorder

Back Pain

Bed Wetting

Carpal Tunnel




Digestive Issues

Ear Infections

Eye Sight Issues





Herniated Discs

High Blood Pressure

Immunity Issues



Menstrual Issues

Neck Pain

Numbness & Tingling



Slipped Disc



“This was my first time seeing a chiropractor, and honestly I was scared to death…until I met Dr. Lisa. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease. She explained everything she was going to do and answered any questions I had! I had problems with my hips and back ever since I got pregnant and had my son. I did not want to take any medication to treat the symptoms, I wanted to fix the problem. After just a few visits I noticed a big difference, I was no longer stiff every time I stood up from my desk and the numbness in my back was starting to go away. I look forward to my monthly visit with her. I always feel like brand new when I leave her office and it’s a great way to treat myself!
Dr. Lisa is also great with children!! My son has been seeing her since he was 5 months old and now that he is toddling I know that the health of his spine is in good hands!

I highly recommend Dr. Lisa.”

- Ashley Valladares